The “Fratelli Molè s.r.l.” company was established in 1958 as a defacto company, as a handicraft company. The company was established with the initiative of two brothers, sons of a farrier, who sense the need to convert their workshop in an activity which allowed them to exploit their know-how.
They began as simple blacksmiths in a garage located at their home, where they produced lightweight metal structures (windows, balconies, gates, etc.)

In 1965 the construction of pipes is assumed besides the traditional metal structures and this decision is implemented after visiting a firm in this sector, buying a calender and a guillotine shear.
The construction of the current structure began in 1967 and continued during the following years until today with the purchase of a warehouse a few kilometres away.
In 1983 a forming machine was purchased and that allowed them to transform the production from handicraft to industrial. Today, the F.lli Molè firm consists of an area of approximately 20,000 square meters of which 5000 sq.m. are covered, an industrial reality that has always maintained a high level of technology. The F.lli Molè’s strong point over the years has been its ability to enter new markets by introducing innovations that meet the unexpressed needs of its customers. It always aims to maintain this trend steady and invests heavily in new technologies which enable it to remain in the market. It operates mainly in Sicily, Calabria, Puglia Campania, Basilicata, Sardegna and is promoting itself in northern Italy and in the countries of the Mediterranean Basin.
The F.lli Molè has patented a utility model that is allowing it to conquer new geographic areas and also with this it responds to the continuous competition of PVC pipes.
Today we are entering new production standards that produce a more lasting tube and easier to use.